Don't rain on my parade

Don't rain on my parade

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Absent Regina….


All this messed up family tree aside, let’s humor Zelena and remove Regina from the picture. Despite Rumple being the mastermind to get back to Bae, without Regina in particular, THEORETICALLY: 

  • Rumple wouldn’t have had his caster of the curse (Zelena is eager and yearns for all that Regina didn’t want, Rumple picked Regina specifically over Zelena) - but even IF Zelena casts the curse:
  • Belle wouldn’t have returned to Rumple (Regina turned her back on the road and urged her to try true love’s kiss), nor could she have reunited with Rumple in Storybrooke (as Regina wouldn’t have been there to capture her)
  • Belle wouldn’t have been around to set Robin Hood free and convince Rumple to spare his life.
  • Leopold wouldn’t have married Regina and wouldn’t have been killed, thus;
  • Snow White wouldn’t have been on the run to meet Charming, and probably would have married a random prince.
  • Emma wouldn’t have been born
  • Bae/Neal wouldn’t have met Emma and Henry wouldn’t have been born either.
  • Cora wouldn’t have been banished to Wonderland.
  • Hook wouldn’t have broken into Regina’s castle and wouldn’t have been sent to Wonderland to be spared of Regina’s curse along with Cora upon their return to the EF.
  • Red and Granny wouldn’t have met Snow White

I mean… the question is, if Zelena takes Regina’s place, do these events still happen? Do these people still meet or does everything turn upside down? Cause and effect yes but if you remove Regina both as a tool and as an active participant… then the result is interesting. 

I guess, at least for an episode, we might see.