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  • faithandfearcollide:

    Regal Believer Appreciation Week

    Day Six: AU

    Alternate season 3 finale - Instead of Emma and Hook falling through the portal, it’s Henry who is taken back in time.

    Henry ends up in the Enchanted Forest and it’s not long before he’s gotten himself found by The Evil Queen. But lucky for him, the queen takes an interest in the mysterious young “prince” she found traipsing around her forest, and offers to take him in with the intention of finding out more about who he is and where he really came from. Henry accepts the offer in hopes of finding Rumplestiltskin and getting a way home. Though his time with The Evil Queen proves less unpleasant then he expected, and she finds herself enjoying the company of this little boy. Henry is eventually able to find Rumple and convince him to help, but only under the condition that first Henry finds a way to fix the timeline he’s thrown off track through his odd friendship with The Evil Queen; A bond that has now softened the queens heart and potentially ruined any chance Rumple had at convincing her to cast his curse.

    Unfortunately for Henry, his good has done more “damage” than even he can fix and he is out of ideas and time. So he does the unthinkable, he tells Regina the truth… and she believes him! With that, they work together to find a way (a forgetting potion) to ensure their future and get Henry home safely.

    (via fuckyesreginahenry)

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